I lay prone next to a wooden shed, my M16A2 up at the ready. In my sights was a lone enemy figure, some 50 yards away who had just entered my field of view. I bring up the rifle to quickly line up my rear sight with my front sight post. The sights bobbed just slightly to the rhythm of my breath, and as soon as I exhaled, I pulled the trigger. A sharp bang followed by a click.

‘What the hell!’ I thought. A malfunction, much to my dismay. I quickly performed SPORTS (Slap the magazine, Pull the charging handle, Observe the chamber, Release the charging handle, Tap the forward assist and Shoot), but I only got halfway through as the enemy combatant turned toward my direction and delivered a volley of return fire. I could hear wood splinters break off next to me as enemy rounds slammed into the shed and I crawled back for better cover. Sharp cracks from the enemy rounds punctuated my surrounding space and I quickly found myself staring at the dark sky, my vision fading from consciousness.

I was than treated to an aerial view of my teammates and reminder that the round still had a long way to go.”

Just another round in “America’s Army,” the official U.S. Army video game.