Pistol sights are an interesting topic, they come in all shapes, sizes, and preferentially vary between individual needs or desires. Of course, there are a large selection of brands to choose from as well but that’s not really what I care about, if they work as intended then who really cares? What’s your gun being used for? If you answer isn’t something that revolves around combat then this is the wrong article for you because I don’t know anything about competitive shooting or hunting game. So, from that bit of context I want to discuss the benefits and drawbacks from the different sight systems available for an everyday carry (EDC) handgun.

Alright, basic iron sight plain “3-dot” sights are the most common configuration; let’s exclude the old school G.I. style unmarked sight because they suck and are way outdated. The 3-dot sights are great for what they are, and that is cheap and just effective enough for proper combat based application. The 3-dot sights are often luminescent and are not entirely invisible in low light, but they suck unless you have the godliest of natural points of aim. If you are serious about firearms proficiency (like view it as a lifestyle rather than a profession or other) then upgrade those basic 3-dot sights if that’s all your gat came with.

The next level for my own personal scale are fiber optic sights. Not too expensive compared to some of the other options and insanely effective for daytime shooting. Fiber optic sights glow from large amounts of ambient light and are picked up by the human eye easily when acquiring sight picture. One of the most effective combinations, in my opinion, is to have a blacked out rear sight with a fiber optic front sight so the lack of clutter enables a quick line up (with practice and training obviously). The major con to fiber optic sights is that they are damn near pitch black in the dark, for this reason I tend to run a weapon mounted light source on guns with fiber optic sights.