There is no shortage of veterans organizations that are doing tremendous work for our veterans, military members, and their families. And today, the needs of the vets and their families are more keenly felt than ever before.

The question then is “which ones deserve your support?” The short answer is: the vast majority of them do.

We don’t know the details about every organization and are probably unaware of many others doing yeomen’s work for the veteran community. 

So, with that in mind (and malice toward none), we’ve put together a list of some of the best ones we know about. This list is far from exhaustive — as mentioned above, these are just some of the organizations that we’ve touch-based with or know someone else who has.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

SOWF was born 40 years ago, out of the ashes of the catastrophe at Desert One, during the failed Iran rescue mission “Operation Eagle Claw,” in which eight special operators died. They left behind wives and 17 children. That vow to take care of those 17 children has become the mission of the SOWF to educate over 1,200 children and support families of injured Special Operations troops with medical bills. The foundation has grown every year since.

The Foundation provides immediate financial grants to severely combat-wounded and hospitalized Special Operations personnel and their families. It also ensures full financial assistance for post-secondary education to children of Special Operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty. At the end of May, SOFREP did a profile on SOWF, which you can read here.

Fisher House Foundation