A friend of SOFREP recently acquired a copy of the coveted and very rare SAS War Diary….and it’s volume 1 of 100. We’ll be featuring the diary on SOFREP in the next year, so be on the look out for exclusive insights into this rare treasure chest of historical content and some amazing stories of heroism.

From The UK Telegraph

The SAS War Diary discloses previously unheard accounts of its exploits during the Second World War. It has been hailed as an extraordinary treasure trove for historians as it discloses the secrets of the SAS’s wartime raids.

The public can now read the reports written by David Stirling, the regiment’s founder, and other SAS men that include a mission to kill or capture Rommel at a French chateau in 1944.

The SAS Regimental Association has authorised the sale of the books in an attempt to raise thousands of pounds for the dozens of special forces men wounded on current operations as well as older veterans. Each 600–page volume is being sold for £975, with the print run limited to just 1,000 books.

The SAS is allowing its archive to be opened up because, a former soldier said, the covert nature of its operations meant it had been impossible to raise money “except through generous individual donations made over the years.”

A senior officer from the SAS Regiment Association said that having read the remarkable stories “it would be wrong to let them fester in some back room.”

Brandon Webb with the SAS War Diary
Brandon Webb with the SAS War Diary


SAS War Diary title page
SAS War Diary title page

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