In the days since the Boston Marathon bombing, one of the attacking brothers has been killed and the other is in the hospital, yet to be questioned. It is unknown what their motive was for the attack, but due to their Islamic linkage and Chechen origin, it could be calculated as an act of jihad.

This bombing on American soil is no doubt a tragedy, but will we learn from this incident and take the corrective measures necessary to ensure that such misfortune will not strike again?

Once the hospitalized Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is interrogated, and if a link is found between the attack and a terror group, the possibility does remain of deploying a small SOF contingent to eliminate those deemed responsible.

The sad truth is that with the freedom we enjoy in the United States, the threat will always remain for repetition of attacks similar to that of Boston and the World Trade Center Towers. The DHS and other agencies can make tighter restrictions, but they will never be able to completely eliminate the threat.