Marine Corps commander is relieved of command. Officials at Dyess Air Force Base have relieved another officer of their command.

Army public affairs top officer is relieved of command.

Nellis AFB leaders removed a squadron commander from his leadership role.

A Space Force commander has been fired. All in 2021.

What is going on with senior military leadership?

What is Happening?

2021 has not been a good year for the US military. From the national humiliation of our withdrawal from Afghanistan to the draconian COVID vaccine mandate, all branches of the US military are feeling the burn. Are all the crazy things happening in 2020-21 responsible for this failure of leadership? At least one of these is directly related to the Afghanistan withdrawal. The others, though? Are they the result of the “woke” movement? Or are they because someone raised their hand and said, “This isn’t right”?

Or is something wrong with the way we promote officers?  The very process of promoting officers is supposed to weed out those who have integrity, competence, and leadership ability problems before they reach high enough rank to really mess things up.