We’ve received quite a few emails from SOFREP mafia asking about GovX and eligibility.  As most of you are aware, my goal with SOFREP is to partner with great brands/companies, and GovX definitely falls into this category.

What is GovX?

It’s like shopping on base only you have access to better brands with the same deep discounts.

Who’s Eligible?

This was one of the biggest questions we were getting. A lot of folks thought GovX was for active military only.  Not true.  If you are in the military (active, reserve, veteran, or dependent) or a government employee (federal, state, local) you are eligible for a GovX membership.
I don’t normally write editorials for our sponsors but I feel compelled in this case. I’ve personally met the founders and management at GovX and they’re solid people with a great offer. I’m personally a member and am looking forward to doing most my xmas shopping for my kids on GovX!
Please help support this great company as they are supporters of SOFREP and I personally appreciate this a great deal. If you’re active mil, reserve, government employee, first responder, or former of any then sign up now!
Brandon, Editor-in-Chief