I was talking with the Editor of the Blaze Glenn Hall while I was in NYC, and he asked me what I thought about the situation with General Petraeus. He puts on his pants everyday just like the rest of us, and is only human.  

I offered to write up an Op Ed for the Blaze.  Here goes…

General David Petraeus is an American patriot and hero. America has lost a great leader, we now have a huge leadership gap to fill and a lot is sure to fall on Admiral William McRaven, the Commander of U.S. Special Operations.

It takes guts to realize you screwed up and to then come clean without any excuses. How refreshing it was to see, regardless of the circumstances. Too often it’s the Washington way to hide, point fingers, and try to place blame on someone else. Very rarely does someone stand up and take it head on, and I personally applaud the general for doing this.  It’s what good leaders do.

I don’t support cheating, but I know a lot of good men who succumbed to the same fate and the allure of an attractive younger woman —  in this case an aggressive power groupie. I personally know how aggressive these groupies can be and how they covet the spotlight. A quick look at Paula Broadwell’s less than stellar career, and personal conduct tells me that she fits the profile of what we commonly call in the military a “strap hanger.” This is someone who grabs onto your rucksack as you pull them up a hill they’ve never summit on their own.  In Navy SEAL teams, we even have a special name for these types of groupies; we call them Frog Hogs. These women crave attention and the spotlight of association. They will stop at nothing to fend off others grabbing for the same straps they’re holding onto. I’m sure this is why Jill Kelley (a groupie in her own right) started to receive threatening emails from Broadwell.

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