Editor’s Note: We received this email from ‘David’, who has been writing for us recently, giving us his firsthand account of the fighting in Israel and Gaza. We’ve decided to publish it, with his permission, to give our readers some background on who he is and his motivations as an IDF soldier.

I was born in Argentina to a family that immigrated there during WWII escaping the Nazis from Germany and Poland. Argentina back then, as it is now, was a deeply anti-semite country due to the fact that a lot of the Nazi criminals escaped there after the war, but mainly because of the way that religion is taught there: Jews killed Jesus, therefore you must hate Jews. Simple.

So, I had to battle anti-semitism throughout my childhood.

Back in 1992, a terrorist managed to detonate a bomb in the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. He was aided by Hezbollah and local terrorist groups. I remember the chaos that followed. The video of the explosion was captured by accident by the cousin of my girlfriend at the time, an amateur photographer who filmed wildlife in Buenos Aires.