Although Washington D.C. remained fairly peaceful throughout Donald Trump’s inauguration, at least two hundred people were arrested for crimes related to damaging property and inciting violence – and among them were a number of journalists.

According to city ordinance, if a riot breaks out that results in serious injury or damage that exceeds $5,000, law enforcement can arrest “every person who willfully incited or urged others to engage in the riot” and charge them with felony rioting.  However, many are now claiming that D.C. police simply rounded up everyone in the vicinity of damage being done to a Starbucks and Bank of America, regardless of their affiliation with the vandals.

They arrested everyone in a single location including reporters, lawyers, law students and non-riotous protesters,” Mark Goldstone, a lawyer representing about 50 of those arrested told reporters.

“They basically identified a location that had problems and arrested everyone in that location.”