As a former Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer, I understand the critical importance of strong, decisive leadership, especially when it comes to the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

The recent Biden-Trump debate of 2024 has brought to light serious concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities and his capacity to lead the most powerful military in the world.

How can you react to the dynamic global landscape and complexities when you can’t remember a question you were asked seconds ago?

Objectively looking at the Democrat party, it also raises red flags for an organization that would knowingly run a candidate who is clearly suffering from mental incapacity issues and not up to the demanding job of Commander-in-Chief.

It’s been rumored that Democrat party leaders had asked him to step aside last year but apparently he refused. We can only speculate as to motive but there is plenty of it in the Biden family, especially in light of Hunter’s troubles.

Separately it’s worth noting that our entire political system (and the Republican-Democrat Duopoly)  is not serving the American public well when the best we can do is a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024. The system needs an entire overhaul. Campaign finance cap, term limits, vote by phone, and perhaps a longer, one cycle, Presidential term to allow the President to actually lead as opposed to worrying about running for a second term. These would go a long way towards leveling the playing field and giving well qualified independent candidates a fair chance at the electoral process.

Now it looks like Biden’s party is facing certain defeat unless a fourth quarter change is made but there’s only minutes left on the clock.

And if it doesn’t happen?