The Deed is All, Not The Glory

These words hang on a sign at the back entrance of certain units within JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), which in itself explains the current problem and conflict created in the SEAL community. It’s likely why the SEAL Admiral and Master Chief sent out a stern letter seemingly directed at Matt Bissonette and Robert O’Neill with regards to their media blitz. I’ll explain the meaning of these words later.

This article represents my own opinions and in no way represents the Naval Special Warfare community. Hopefully, by reading the lines, and in between them, you can arrive at a better interpretation of the recent media drama surrounding “Who shot UBL?” and why Naval Special Warfare (NSW) leadership is rightfully upset.

Putting A Rumor To Bed

SOFREP’s contributing editors are comprised of former Special Operations veterans from US and Coalition units. By composition, we admittedly have a pro-SOF (Special Operations Forces) bias. It’s not our preference, nor is it in our best interests, to dig up dirt on SOF units or commands.