UPDATE: We’re in the midst of the migration tonight. If you joined today before we started then you are fine. We’re seeing comments below concerning this and want to let you know that if you were able to join then you have a membership at 9.99.

More to follow….


Hi Everyone – Rumor has it that SOFREP is going to switch to a paid membership site in order to access the website. Rumor is right.

The main reason SOFREP.com is going to a membership model is to ensure the integrity of our content. Period. This move will also let us add more contributing editors to the site, and continue to pay them for their work.

Back to the content part. We’ve had some amazing sponsors who are behind us 100%, but some sponsors would have us stay away from breaking stories and edgy topics. They want access to our community (us, you, and the active duty audience), but only on their terms.  War is not boring, and neither is our site… And we’ve got news for them: Special Ops don’t work this way. Managing Editor Jack Murphy and I don’t compromise when it comes to the integrity of this website, our content, or the community we’ve built with your help.


“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” -Winston Churchill

So what’s it going to look like? 90% of our content will be behind the membership gate. There is a discount for Military, LEO, Fire, Government and the casual reader: $1.99 a month. We’ll ask that heavy/regular users pay $4.99 a month.

Update: Pay options coming Friday to include sponsoring someone, and cash in a paper bag (yes we’ve done this before…)

  • $1.99 a month (Military/LEO/Fire/Govt./All you want to pay/On a budget) -This includes all content but no Team Room
  • $4.99 a month (Regular user rate)-All content no Team Room 
  • $12.99 a month (Team Room “SM Mafia”)-Unrestricted access to all content, and benefits that come with being behind the curtain. 


  • Podcast is still free 🙂

And then there’s the backstage access that comes with being in the SOFREP Underground. If you’re an existing member of the Underground (SOFREP Team Room member), then you are grandfathered in at original pricing, and TR membership includes everything and then some. New Underground pricing is $12.99 a month. If you want to sponsor someone in then let us know, that goes for main site sponsorship. A few folks have sponsored active duty in the Team Room so we’re open to your requests here.  Like the sign says in the NSW armory, “You dream it, we build it”.

SOFREP’s editors work hard to produce original content on a daily basis, while a majority of Military sites re-post content that’s not their own as standard practice (cough cough…Military.com). Writing original content is hard work, but the writers and I like the challenge. We thrive on it. At SOFREP we work hard to provide value for our readers.

You, the reader, add a tremendous value to our content in the comment section when you engage with our editors. This is something you don’t see at other sites, where they scream at each other and bang fists on the table. Intelligent discussion and debate is what SOFREP is all about. And remember, “One of us isn’t as smart as all of us…”

Membership starts Friday night. Sorry CIA & NSA monitors, you’ll now have to pay but you can afford it.

Thanks for your support.

Brandon Webb, Editor-in-Chief