On Tuesday, Somali National Army (SNA) forces killed eight al-Shabaab militants during a security operation in the southern region of Gedo, Somalia, a military source told the media.

Ali Mohamed Mohamoud, the commander of the Somali troops in the area, confirmed that the army had conducted an attack on al-Shabaab bases inflicting heavy casualties.

“Our forces destroyed many bases used by the militants and killed eight al-Shabaab fighters including the militants’ operational commander in Bardhere town named Zakarie Sheikh,” Mohamoud said.

On Saturday, Danab Special Forces troops captured three al-Shabaab members while they were preparing a vehicle with explosives for an attack in the Lower Shabelle in the al-Shabaab-held town of Toratorow. Al-Shabaab often uses Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devises (VBIEDs) to attack Somali troops, government officials, and civilians.

The U.S. and some EU members had gotten involved in Somalia and partnered with the Somali government and the Somali National Army (SNA) to defeat and drive al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab out of the country and keep it from sinking into chaos as so many other countries had.

The U.S. had funded, recruited, trained, and partnered with an SNA special operations force of about 1,000 soldiers, known as Danab (“lightning” in Somali). U.S. Army Green Berets have been training the Danab Special Forces unit. As a result, Danab operators have become the best trained, and equipped troops in the SNA. 

Danab, with the support of U.S. drone strikes, has liberated many of the area’s towns. Al-Shabaab’s control over the civilians is slowly being eroded. 

Now the question that many Americans ask is why is the situation in Somalia is so important to the security of the United States and why is al-Shabaab considered a threat to the American homeland. Is it just more fluff from the U.S. government?