Since I started writing for SOFREP, I have been getting great feedback from our members. I also get a lot of questions from a lot of eager folks out there looking to make SOF their new occupation. I decided I would take a second, collect my thoughts, and put out a story on why I feel you should or shouldn’t jump into a career in special operations.

First off, getting into the military, especially special ops, isn’t a decision you make overnight. Even just getting to the point where you sign a contract means that you have slept on this idea for at least a month (in most cases). So for those of you that have gotten that far, nice work. And if you’re on the fence about joining SOF (come on in, the water’s real nice), keep reading.


Don’t join because of  a movie

Do I even need to elaborate? You’re likely never going to see action like anything depicted in any Hollywood blockbuster. What you will see is mud, water, and the butt of your teammate lying in the mud and water in front of/on top of you. For at least a couple years you are going to be perfecting your trade in order to just get onto a team. You’ll do some boring iterations thousands of times before you have gotten it down. Then you compete within the team to get a good reputation, and a permanent slot on your team. Then your team competes against others for deployments and the best missions. If you’re joining for some immediate gratification, that’s the wrong reason.

Oh, and don’t join to kill Osama bin Laden. Apparently we got him. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture.

Do join because of your own legacy

Before anyone gets spun up about the word “legacy” and misconstrues this statement as being narcissistic, let me explain. If you’ve got a love for your country and a knack for being a protector coursing through your red, white, and blue veins, then you oughta pursue that. I had a strong family history of military experience. That, coupled with this recurring vision of myself when I was 90 telling my great-grandson how I had stepped up to the plate and served my country, just like the great generations I had looked up to, was a strong push for me to join SOF -and continued inspiration to succeed. I always knew a 2076 Zach would kick my own ass for not giving it a shot. Especially during the tri-centennial.