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Our own Will Rodriguez wrote a post ‘What Do You Do if Caught in a Bombing?’ in response to the Boston Marathon attack. That post was damn good and really rang true to the SOFREP spirit of offering usable advice, and not just naked vitriol, in a time of tragedy and crisis. Will’s post got picked up by a variety of media outlets, and he was recently asked by Andrew Wilkow to appear on his show.

And you Team Room members get to hear the discussion first – even before it’s aired.

About the interview, Will wrote, “Mr. Wilkow brought up some other issues like the militarization of police, which, from his perspective, is an appearance issue that frankly doesn’t concern me as much as not reading Miranda.”

So check it out, click that blue Play button, then let Will know what you think in the comments below. (I personally think Will kicked as in this interview, and Wilkow really let him talk!)