Since the beginning of, we’ve always been involved in giving back to the veteran community and others.  In just the past 12 months we assisted some 25 charities including the Red Circle Foundation, the Glen Doherty Foundation, the Spec Ops Warrior Foundation and the Raider Project just to name a few.  In keeping with our core principles about trying to make the world we all live in a better place, is pleased to announce that we will be holding a monthly raffle of gear donated by Crate Club and other vendors with proceeds to benefit various charities.  The raffle tickets will just be $5.00 and of a limited number.  Our first raffle bag will include the following;

  • The Sog Chronicles Vol. by John Stryker Meyers
  • AR 15 bottle opener by  Martin American Designs
  • Gerber Airlift Blade
  • LuxPro light
  • Epic Wipes (2 pack)
  • Medical Pouch by Blackhawk
  • Pistol Range Bag by Blackhawk
  • Zombie Tinder Firestarter Kit
  • Winterial Cooking Stove Kit

The retail value of these items is $350, so your purchase of a $5.00 raffle ticket can net you a return.  Official rules will be announced and the actual raffle will start in a couple of days.  So stay tuned and as always thank you, your support of us here at SOFREP and of these worthy causes is greatly appreciated by all of us here.  The link for the raffle is here.

This first Great Gear For Great Causes Raffle will be to benefit The Special Children’s Center in NYC, which provides services to the families of 450 children with developmental disabilities.