In part 3, I will focus more on the political side of winter warfare, including the Arctic Council and the Russian and Chinese futures in the Arctic. I will finish with my opinion on the future of winter warfare for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Although this 3 part article was supposed to be focusing mainly on the training and operations related to winter warfare, I couldn’t go without talking about the political side of it. One of the main future stakes in the next few years will be the Arctic. So it goes without saying that both the political and the military are important to look into.

The Arctic Council

Before we go into detail, let’s look at the establishment of the Arctic Council.

The Ottawa Declaration of 1996 formally established the Arctic Council as a high level intergovernmental forum to provide a means for promoting cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States, with the involvement of the Arctic Indigenous communities and other Arctic inhabitants on common Arctic issues, in particular issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic.