My company, Riley Security, opened its doors five years ago, and in that time we have seen an increasing rise in mass shootings and active killers in the U.S. I remember watching the coverage of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. As a father, I feared that could’ve been my son, and sympathized for the parents of those 20 first-graders who would never come home. As a former Navy SEAL, and also a gay man, my anger and sadness over the Orlando nightclub shooting was quickening. Just like in the spec-ops community, the security industry has to adapt to an ever-changing threat.

With new threats, the need for trained security professionals has never been greater


There is no specific profile for an active shooter. The truth is, active killers come from all over. They have different skin colors, religions, ages, political views, and genders. Grievous events sometimes foreshadow violence, but not always. Occasionally killers discuss or brag about their attack in advance, but that doesn’t always happen. Some of these murderers go in knowing they are going to be killed or kill themselves, but again, not always.