So we are running a weekly piece tailored for women and anti-creep Self-Defense (of course it applies to anyone). Me and the guys also want to provide a forum (of the not-so-creepy type) where women can ask questions and get tips on self defense from guys who know what’s up. Where can you ask an Army Ranger/Green Beret, Marine Recon, AirForce PJ/CCT, or Navy SEAL what’s up?, that’s where.  And ladies, be careful of taking a self defense class from some Douche Bag who put himself on the cover of Rex-Kwon-Do monthly as a self proclaimed bad ass (true story by-the-way). It’s all about the credentials, just ask my friend Don Shipley, who busts fake Special Ops losers weekly on his YouTube show.

This week we are focusing on some basic Douche Bag self-defense techniques.

1. The Palm Strike. Saves your hands and your nails, ladies.  This is an excellent striking technique and saves your hands. Aim for the nose, it creates pain and more importantly blindness.

2. Eye Gouge. A good technique if you’re in close and need to break contact or let someone know you are serious.  When your life is at stake then gouge the creeps eye balls out.  It’s not hard and you’ll get mad props next ladies night out.

3. Surefire Strike. Not pictured. See last weeks full post on a Woman’s Best Self Defense Tool.

Surefire Strike Described:

a. Take the light in your dominant hand. Position the light in your hand so that if you were making a fist (with hands in front of you) while holding the light with either hand, the light source would be facing to the outside.  If you were to now swing your fists with your light you could strike someone with a sideways motion and also activate the light’s rear button with your thumb.  This completes the striking technique.

Practical Application:

In close: palm the light in your purse or pocket, then before striking it is key to blast your attacker with the light to blind him. Then strike to the nose or middle of the face and high tail it out of there. Repeat if necessary.

Far away: Not necessary to strike. Just blast him with the light to let him know you’re serious.

See below courtesy of SOFREP contributor and Special Operations Combatives Expert Greg Thompson.

Let us know if this was helpful.