Inspired by all the creepy shits out there that try to intimidate people of all shapes and sizes, including a lot of my female friends..

So I get asked self defense tips all the time by woman friends of mine.  While a firearm has its place in the home, it has serious lifestyle restrictions, especially if you live in California or travel frequently.  Plus, most indoor ranges are operated by scum bags with egos that would rival a Navy SEAL.  That, and most of the clerks look like those two creeps manning the pawn shop counter (the gimp scene) in the movie Pulp Fiction.

Training is important, too!  If you want to use a firearm, you better train with it. Most women I know are afraid to go to most of these ranges unaccompanied to practice shooting.  It’s just plain uninviting to women, and most beginners; Period.  I personally don’t like going myself for a lot of the same reasons.  I’d open my own “women/new shooter” friendly fucking range if it weren’t so damn expensive (ventilation units are in excess of $250k…ventilation people!!).  That, and I’d make it a cool place. I’ve talked this over with my friend and famous Fashion Stylist Sally Lyndley over many a glass of wine in Manhattan.

On the training note:  You don’t just train to use a gun on the range, then check the box with an “I’m good-to-go in a pinch”.  Just operating a firearm safely doesn’t cut it.  You need to train like you fight.  That means scenario based high stress training, and if you don’t know what that is, then you’re not prepared to defend yourself with a firearm.

Ladies, you need to train until you are taking down creeps as effortlessly as you shop for clothing.  How do you do this? You end up spending a whole lot of money.  Because good, practical instruction on self defense with a hand gun takes good instruction. Not too many out there can give it, and there are plenty of posers taking advantage. So be warned! You wouldn’t believe the Spec Ops Douche Bags (SODBs we call them) roaming the bar and indoor ranges these days.  My friend and former SEAL Teammate Don Shipley busts these phonies daily. So be careful who the hell you trust when training, because most are douche bags.  Send them to me or Don or for verification.

The serious problem that exists for women today:  According to RAINN, 1 in 6 women stand the chance of being sexually assaulted and around 15% of college girls stand the chance of some DB sexually assaulting them!

Douche bags and creeps are running a muck out there ladies, and you can’t always go running to your Navy SEAL boyfriend to bail you out.

An intelligent dip shit with a little motivation can ruin your day, night, or even life.

What to do?

Well…. I have a secret I’ll let you in on.

There’s a non-lethal tool (not a gun or knife), long used by Navy SEALs.  It will fit in your purse, can be checked through airport security, and is also pretty useful and stylish all by itself.   It will blind an assailant and break his fucking nose if necessary. Pretty nice if you ask me.

What is it?  A Surefire tactical flashlight, that’s what. And you will not find it at Barney’s anytime soon.

It comes equipped with a 200 lumens high power LED bulb that lasts for 1.9 hours and (BONUS) it has a rapist DNA sampler on the tip (what I call the spikey end of the light).  In most cases, the light blinds your opponent so bad that he’s screwed, and you’re high tailing it out of there.  We normally use this in the SEAL Teams to blind bad guys during  hostage rescue room entries. While they’re figuring out what happened to their sight, we are giving them a lead Excedrin headache.

Self defense in gun free zones

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I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s one of the best damn self defense tools in the world for men and women.  I carry one all the time and will blind you if you piss me off.

Ladies, you will use it everyday and become very comfortable with it.  Just remember to go easy when you’re practicing jabbing your boyfriend with it, this thing is dangerous and will break skin.

So go buy a Surefire light ladies.  You’ll have it for the rest of your life, and it’s a more sophisticated way of handling things.  The best is that you don’t have to dirty up your Rick Owens boots fending off the creep parade.

Maybe Surefire will hire Sally to design a ladies model, it would be money well spent!

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Editor-in-Chief, former Navy SEAL and author of  The Red Circle (St. Martin’s Press).

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