Results of the USMC’s second attempt to measure women’s performance in their Infantry Officer Course have been reported. The second experiment again consisted of two female volunteers attempting the Marine Corps Infantry Officer’s Course. Both women failed the course the first day when unable to complete an obstacle in the time allotted.

In the first test last year, one of the two female candidates failed the PT test the first day, and the second failed a week later based on her inability to maintain the pace physically.

No doubt the heart was willing, but there are physical requirements. Also, and unlike in the Artillery, Infantry and SOF officers have to be able to do what their troops are expected to do in order to get to where the fight is happening.

I approve of the way the USMC is conducting the experiments. It appears standards aren’t gender-normed and requirements aren’t eliminated. The results are proving what many have said: physical performance counts. There’s a lesson there.