I wanted to take the time to cover some basic less-than-lethal options. Because let’s face it, no girl wants to get their Rick Owens boots or Jimmy Choo’s shoes all messy with shooting somebody for real. Right? Chances are you don’t have the time to train properly with a firearm anyway.  And for practical reasons, range time and great instruction are both hard to come by. CAUTION: Beware of your local Rex-Kwon-Do version of a firearms instructor. You’d be surprised at how many self-proclaimed experts there are in the world, well maybe not, you ladies on here are pretty sharp.

So here are my favorite less than lethal options:


1. Surefire or Princeton Tech 500 lumen flashlight. This is a great option because it flash blinds any would-be stalker and if needed the light can be used to pummel the face (it will break a nose very easily, a good option fyi). AND you can take this anywhere, including on your next flight. This is why I rank it number 1 of 3.