I’ll be the first to admit that my road rage is slightly out of control. What can I say, a switch flips and I can feel a fire spark inside me (runs in the family, thanks Dad) and before I know it, I’m acting ridiculously, cursing like a sailor (most of you wouldn’t BELIEVE the names that come out of my mouth!) and driving like a lunatic.

And why? All because that little sports car cut me off. Or that Prius is going 45mph on the freeway, in the fast lane.

I’m pretty ashamed of my road rage “problems”, and often times my over active imagination (as you saw before) kicks in and I tell myself, as I slink down lower in my seat, reclining so the other driver can’t see me, “What if they have a gun, and they’re coming up next to me to shoot me!”

Yep, my road rage is so bad that I sometimes think other drivers are going to shoot me. Pretty gnarly.