I started doing yoga a year ago because I needed the strength and flexibility training. Yoga is also great for mental strength conditioning, among many other benefits. The best kept secret is that it helps your shooting.  Core strength, balance, breathing control and self discipline among other things.

So just remember that Yoga helps your shooting and self-defense posture.

Three firearms tips:

1. Natural Point of Aim

Align your body so that your gun sights are naturally aligned on target. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, open them and your sites should be on target, if not then readjust for natural point of aim.

2. Front Site Focus

The front site of your gun should be in focus and the target should be slightly blurry. You are focusing on placing the front site on your target.

3. Firm Grip and Smooth on the Trigger

A nice firm grip, put your finger on the trigger (not until you’re ready to shoot) to make contact, apply a nice smooth pull until the shot breaks.  Once the shot breaks, maintain a firm grip and finger is still on the trigger, slowly release to the point of tension and you’re ready to take another shot.  Keep your finger on the trigger for good solid control.

Enjoy below and rest assured that you don’t want to mess with any of the ladies on this site….


Laura Says….

Hey Ladies, I bet you didn’t know all those core strengthening boats, crows, and warrior 3s were benefiting you in more ways than flexibility and mental well-being. (Not to mention getting you those rock hard abs!) Yoga can actually aid your shooting, too. I’m not suggesting that those of us who don’t already own a gun go out and buy ourselves one (But hey, if you’re really interested, you can read up on some gnarly guns over at the Loadout Room), but it’s helpful to know how we are improving and training ourselves to be strong in more ways than we may realize.

SOFREP: Crescent pose with a twist

According to nursingdegree.net, yoga can also benefit your pulse rate, circulation, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and body awareness. A lower heart rate, slower pulse, and better circulation of oxygen in the body are all results of yoga. Although these are benefits we may not be constantly aware of, they definitely make sense with all the focus on pranayama and ujjayi breath during practice.

I got a (very) short mini-lesson on your breath and breathing while shooting when I was on the range with Brandon at SHOT show, and it took a little time and talking to him afterwards to really put the pieces together and realize the direct parallel that can be made between the two. As Brandon stated above, he has definitely witnessed firsthand the positive effects yoga has had on his shooting.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to mess with a yoga girl. Whoever said yoga is for pansies?

The benefits of yoga and shooting

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SOFREP: Don't mess with a yoga girl

When Fashion & Self Defense Collide….

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*A big thanks to my good friend Hilary for being my bad ass yoga model. We managed to stay out of trouble with the neighbors during the shoot. (No pun intended…)