If your name was one of the 15,000 Americans found on the ISIS kill lists, would you want to know? Recently Circa News reported that the FBI has failed to tell many people that they are on the encrypted lists. The most recent release was on June 6, when approximately 8,000 were listed on the Telegram app. The message told ISIS sympathizers to kill those found on the list as an act of revenge for Muslims.

Circa stated that they obtained some of the lists for New York, Texas, Florida and California. They decided to call many of those listed to see if they were notified.

In Texas alone, Circa identified 22 people in a sampling of 24 names who did not receive any notification that they were in ISIS’s crosshairs. It also identified two local police departments whose citizens were on the list that also got no alert from the FBI.

In New York City, citizens reported getting called from the NYPD informing them of being on the ISIS kill list.