Modern American Snipers, my new book with and St. Martin’s Press, has officially released and is now available for the world to read. That’s obviously a major milestone in what’s proven to be an occasionally frenetic yet continually rewarding creative process.

Brandon, Jack, and the rest of the crew at SOFREP have built the site’s credibility and reputation based on their prior combat tours serving as SEALs, Rangers, and other special operations forces. They call upon the insight and connections they first began to foster on the battlefield in order to provide their audience with an insider’s perspective of global special ops that is unrivaled.

I’m the exception. I’m a journalist with nearly two decades of experience — primarily covering motorsports of all things. The fact that they’ve entrusted me to uphold the SOFREP name and believe in my work enough to stand behind it in the way that they have is not only an honor, it’s a responsibility, and one I take seriously.

Some of you may be familiar with some of my earlier work, particularly that which was published at SOFREP: Shaping the World from the Shadows: The (Open) Secret History of Delta Force, Post-9/11 and Beyond Neptune Spear: The (Open) Secret History of SEAL Team Six, Post-9/11.

Since those two series originally ran, we’ve been looking for an opportunity to work together again on something even larger. And finally, the opportunity, idea, and timing synched up just right to make that a reality.

If you read either of those ebooks, you already have something of an idea as to my style and approach. Modern American Snipers builds on that but is thoroughly augmented across the board. Imagine something along the lines of those projects on steroids and with the added element of extensive interviews with, and profiles of, some of most accomplished snipers the nation has produced over the past two decades.

I’m guessing some of you are already sold: “Great! Another sniper book!” And yes, we have you covered. SOF snipers, their training, the technology, the trigonometry… all that stuff is here for you.

But I’m also guessing some of you are a little more skeptical: “Oh great… another sniper book…” Well, I honestly think we have you covered as well. A primary motivating element behind this book was to demonstrate how modern-day SOF snipers fill roles and perform duties that greatly outstretch the more conventionalized notions of what they do and who they are.