The Yokosuka Ohka Model 11 should have the modern-day terrorist banging down the doors to their human resources offices. As the aerial suicide bombers of Imperial Japan flew rocket-propelled missiles towards their misguided promises of paradise upon the advent of eminent defeat. In comparison to the rock and Kalashnikov-wielding religious zealots of modern times who are forced to charge on foot or in a vehicle.

Imperial Japan’s:
Navy Suicide Attacker Ohka Model 11, Navy Suicide Attacker, Ohka, “Cherry Blossom”

These kamikaze pilotable rocket-jets was developed near the close of WWII by a desperate Imperial Japan, in an effort to increase Allied casualties as they waged the final acts of the war, by attrition.

The development and production of this type of craft was a top priority to Imperial Japan, with ten variants of this type of suicide-aircraft developed. Fortunately, only the Cherry Blossom saw combat.