“He’s had a headache for three days, and it isn’t going away with Tylenol or Motrin,” began the father. He had brought his thirteen-year-old son in to see me because he trusted me. I had been his doctor for years.
“He plays football at school but hasn’t had any bad collisions in practice, and the regular season hasn’t started yet. He hasn’t had any other symptoms like vomiting or vision changes, but he goes to sleep with a headache and wakes up with one, and I did not let him go to practice yesterday. Thank you so much for accepting him as a new patient.”

“I’m honored, sir. Is he on any medications or taking any performance supplements?” I began.

“No, sir.”

I did a thorough history and physical exam checking everything I could think of. This was not a typical presentation for a boy his age, but I found nothing at all abnormal.