Fighting a war is miserable enough with the best equipment in the world. But, imagine facing your enemy shorthanded: without enough weapons or tactical gear to give you a fighting chance—David vs. Goliath.

Image by Alan Lessig

In addition to the weapons, you need boots, ballistic helmets, gloves, body armor,  knee and elbow pads, and much more to help even the odds. You need help, and you need it fast. Lives depend on it.

The good news is that the equipment is all out there, and a bunch of selfless folks have organized to help get it to where it needs to go ASAP.

This Isn’t the First Time the Need Has Been So Urgent

It was 1940, and the US had not yet entered WWII. Our British allies stood alone against Hitler and the Nazi war machine. British citizens faced the threat of invasion as they evacuated more than 300,000 troops from France ahead of a German Blitzkrieg.