So you wake up one morning to an email from PayPal, telling you that SOFREP, INC., has suspended your Team Room account for payment failure. Your first thoughts are pure terror and panic. What? Not ME? WTF! Does SOFREP hate me? Am I persona non grata? Do I dare show my face in society?

Actually, it’s me who goes into that panic! We work so hard to provide a website that you’re interested in enough to join, that the LAST THING we want is to carelessly dump you to the side of the curb like that. After all, we love you guys!

The cause of this quick account cancellation is the way I’ve set up the payment processing check. In technical web guy terms, I chose the “all fucked up” option, when I should have chosen the “In like Flynn” option.

If this rude account cancellation does happen to you, please know that we don’t want to lose you, and the process to resolve things is actually very easy. If your account is cancelled, you can simply re-register. This will set up a new automatic payment, but it won’t let you complete the registration because you already have an account. Use the MEMBER SUPPORT form to let us know that you’ve re-registered. I’ll synchronize your new recurring payment to your previous account. You won’t be double-charged, you’ll simply start a new payment schedule as of your new registration date, and your existing Team Room account will be back to normal.

I’m going to spend a big chunk of time to fix this ASAP. We don’t want to inconvenience you in any way, so we’ll get this fixed, but it may take some time. So please, if this does happen to you, just re-register and we’ll get you back inside.

– Charlie