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Here’s an article you’ll want to remember, since it helps you retain more of what you study or read, as well as makes people who receive your content remember your message. That’s why I’ve written the above in Sans Forgetica. It the latest technological invention that the Guardian calls the font of all knowledge.

Stephen Banham is an all-around typographer, type designer, writer, lecturer, teacher of typography at the RMIT School of Design, Australia, and founder of Letterbox, a typographic studio.

In 2016, Banham collaborated with RMIT Behavioural Business Lab and their cognitive neuroscience experts to develop a new font designed to help you never forget. Called Sans Forgetica, it literally means “without forgetting.”

As Banham says:

San Forgetica features two key elements that questions your basic understating of type. One is the back slanting of the typeface. While we’re used to seeing italics slant to the right, it’s unconventional to have backslants. Backslants are only used in maps to indicate the position of rivers.