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The header photo shows a battalion commander briefing paratroopers on a mission prior to a joint forcible entry assault in northern Italy in Rock Drop, a multi-national training exercise that validates the entire 2-503rd PIR. Photo: U.S. Army by Lt. Col. John Hall

The Editors.


Boko Haram claims to have shot down a missing Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet.

Green Beret Andy Lang once smuggled his own still into Afghanistan. After his 25 year career, he’s now making Whisky in Tennessee.

An estate in Scotland, which was the birthplace of the British Army’s Special Operations Executive in 1941, is up for sale for a cool $3,111,727 price tag.

Toxic levels of lead in the blood of Army Special Operations soldiers prompt changes at shooting ranges.

The Indian Navy said that it’s going “All Out” in preparing to confront the threat of China’s navy in the Indian Ocean. Yet, a two-day exercise hardly seems to us to be “All Out.”

This very small Unmanned Underwater Vehicle developed by the U.S. Navy can be magnetically attached externally to the hulls of ships and submarines. That makes it pretty stealthy for intelligence gathering. It could attach itself to the hull of an enemy ship in port too.

Private salvage company recovers Navy helicopter from a depth of 19,000 feet!

Phototype Navy SEAL 40ft Fast Boat is a barn-find sale for $7,500.