Warning: strong content

Proud Papa with Penis Protruding from Arm

The subject during the making of a porno movie in Japan.

You heard me. Big Brit bro mighty Malcolm McDonald has a simple story: he lost his penis and surgeons offered him a new one. His response:

“I mean mate… I don’t want to go around dickless the rest of me life now, do I!” — fair enough, Malcolm.

The procedure calls for what can only be described as “harvesting” the appendage from skin and such from his arm, due to the sensitivity of skin in that area of the body. When the “harvest” is “ripe” they will attach it and hope for the best.

I mean he didn’t lose his Johnson in the sense of “Now where did I put that thing again — MARTHA… HAVE YOU SEEN MY JOHNNNSONNN?” He lost it due to a really terrible blood infection. This poor brother has seen some suffering. While this procedure may not be the only choice for near-full-penile recovery, it is probably the most acceptable in the eyes of the surgeons. I have never heard of a Johnson transplant before, and in that, there is always the less-than-sundry thought:

“You don’t even know where that thing has been.”

In one of his photos he was wearing a Members Only Jacket; IDK if that was supposed to be funny or maybe he is just shoving it in fate’s face like a tuff guy. He was a tad indignant when his interviewer asked him how he felt prior to the procedure knowing he couldn’t have sex anymore, to which he shrugged and replied: “Meh, I got two kids” — pretty badass attitude on that bro!