(Admonishment: strong adult content, situations, themes, and innuendoes)

Family and Friends’ Frivolous Folly Fans Forest Fire Flames

The blazing California countryside. (Photo courtesy of Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images)

I sheepishly confess that I did NOT know what a gender reveal party was, and I foolishly thought the worst. Little did I know it was a party thrown by an expecting couple to bring in all their family and friends, and let them file by the refrigerator to have a gander at the grainy, amorphous, ambiguous, ink-blob that is the ultrasound image of the unborn, to try and determine if it has an inny or an outy.

Just another angle for the couple to shake everyone down for one more gift… and then get drunk. When people get drunk, they either go shoot guns or start dicking around with fireworks. The party cost Californians 7,000 acres of forest and then some. A local man asked to comment on the dire situation responded: