Man threatens to blow self and car up next to Pentagon

This is a non-story. It’s a story that isn’t. It’s jackass journalism. This probably started out as: “Man has barricaded himself in his car next to the Pentagon, but he is not making any demands and nobody is paying any attention to him.” Why hell, I’m actually doing that right now! So when this Moronosaurus-Rex wasn’t getting any attention sitting in his car he gets out and sticks a rag into the gas tube and threatens to light it.

Now, will that even work… lighting a rag like a fuse sticking out of a gas tank? Oh, yes it sure will, especially if the rag is first soaked in a flammable like, say — GAS! It will blow sky-high yes, I have done it. Mind you, I was on a legally sanctioned demolitions range training with the Delta Force, and not parked next to the Pentagon.

Even if the lower Paleozoic punk had managed to detonate that car — which wasn’t even his — the crusty Colonels on the inside would probably just stand there gawking at the fireball through their office windows sipping coffee: “Pshhh… that ain’t shit, son… I was on duty here on 9-11!”