There should be no surprise that politically aligned rags . . . Respected news and media outlets are touting statistics on the regular purchase of firearms by alleged terrorist on the watchlist. All the while omitting the ongoing failures of the watchlist in deterring any actual terrorist who committed an act of terror – it’s your fault, the system made them terrorist, it’s the act of an inanimate object, and no one is individually accountable.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from people using the terms, Hilter, and Nazi – that’s strange. Considering that these, ‘cry wolf’ activists are acting the most like a Hitler or a Nazi. They endorse and form secret lists, attack those who don’t share their points of view, support a national-socialist agenda, endorse collectivism, edit the truth, and seek the removal of individual rights.

Again, not shocking as we live in an era where our national leadership champions as Social Justice Warriors for any actual terrorist while blaming the citizens for their failures. It’s an act of opportunity for our elected elite to continue a trend started with the Patriot Act and now sits as an attack on the Second Amendment.  Any attack on America seems to equate to an attack on the Constitution and your civil rights. – National mass punishment.

Your Fifth Amendment right has already been circumvented, “life, liberty or property without due process of law.” Thanks to, ‘national security,’  a U.S. citizen can not discover or challenge their inclusion on the no-fly list because they were “listed as a result of undisclosed intelligence and surveillance.”