Episode 81 is jam packed with wrestling superstar Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), Olympic shooter Amanda Furrer, and SOFREP contributor Kerry Patton.

A couple months back, SOFREP Team Room favorite, Col. Prop, suggested we bring DDP on the podcast. DDP developed a yoga program that has not only helped regular people get in shape, but has also helped injured veterans recover. Case in point: Arthur Boorman, an Army Paratrooper injured during the Gulf War, who wasn’t able to walk without assistance until DDP’s yoga program turned that around for him. Beyond that, DDP has also gone overseas in support of our troops. We talk fitness and more with DDP.

Want to help the Valhalla Project and get back in shape? DDP pledged to Kerry Patton on the show that he will donate 50% of the proceeds to The Valhalla Project from SOFREP listeners who purchase DDP Yoga programs. Just go to DDP’s website, buy a program, and select “SOFREP/Wilkow Majority” from the “How Did You Hear About Us” field on the checkout page. You’ll get a GREAT product – just read the testimonials – and DDP will donate to a GREAT cause.  Also, if you are active or former military, enter the referral code DDPMilitary to receive a discount on your order!

Amanda Furrer comes on for the first time to talk about her background and what it’s like to be a proud “girly girl” who can shoot with the best. She also has plans to work with some SOF members, including our sniper friend Nicholas Irving. Amanda is training to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics, and you can follow her on Twitter @Amanda_Furrer.