Ebola, ISIS and disaster preparation are the topics in Episode 114, which is hosted by Loren Schofield and Blake Miles, two Special Forces veterans and writers for SOFREP. Loren also continues his discuss of mountaineering from our last episode.

We read listener e-mails every show, so keep sending them to [email protected]. And you don’t want to miss this week’s Throat Punch of the Week, it’s a good one.

We wrap up the show with former Army Ranger Sniper, Nick “The Reaper” Irving. I interviewed Nick in the middle of Manhattan as he got ready to go on Hannity.

Also, Brandon, Drago, and I will be at Battlefield Brew Works in Gettysburg, PA for Hops With Special Ops, which benefits the Red Circle Foundation. It’s this coming Saturday, October 11, at 7PM. Please purchase tickets whether you can come or not – the proceeds go directly to Special Operations veterans in need.