Leigh Tuttle and Crystal Cornwall are military spouses. Tuttle’s husband a member of the Army SOF community, and Cornwall’s a Marine. They’re on the show to expose the business tactics of Corvias Group CEO John Picerne as originally put out by Reuters in the article “As U.S. soldiers battle landlord, confidential records shine light on his lucrative business.” As you’ll see in the piece, the developer stands to earn $1 billion in fees from contracts to house Army families that will last decades. These ladies anger however is not at Picerne gaining great wealth from this business deal, but over the poor standards of living which they and many other military families with small children have had to endure. These issues include serious cases of black mold that appear to be completely brushed aside with little to no concern. You’ll hear more about the explanations of why this travesty has continued to occur straight from their perspectives, and what they hope to accomplish. You can visit the Facebook group of these military families affected under the name “Safe Military Housing Initiative.” The wives may be taking legal action enlisting the help of individuals like Houston lawyer James Moriarty, a man who takes these issues very seriously as the father of a Green Beret recently killed in action.

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