This past weekend (Sep. 6, 2014), the Red Circle Foundation held its second annual fundraising gala at the Birch Aquarium in San Diego, California. Held under the theme of “Black Tie Bravery,” the gala benefitted those members of the Special Operations community, and their families, who are in need. Not only was the Red Circle Foundation founded by Brandon Webb, it is the only military charity that distributes 100% of the donations they receive directly to those who need the money.

This year’s speakers included Mike Ritland, Brandon Webb, and Brandon’s sister, Maryke Webb, who runs the organization. We also hear from many of the SOFREP members and listeners who were in attendance, and that’s what makes this episode really special.

The Red Circle Foundation can always use your help, and it’s greatly appreciated by those who benefit from it, so make sure you go to their website and give to those in hard times who have fought for our country.