The good folks at Battlefield Brew Works in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania sponsored an event for The Red Circle Foundation this past weekend, and we were on hand. The guys at Battlefield have created a Red Circle Ale that is incredible, and proceeds from its sales go to the foundation. We hung with some SOFREP readers and listeners, auctioned off some great prizes to help our Special Operations Heroes in need, and, of course, drank some excellent craft beers.

Once the place cleared out, Brandon, Drago, and I, along with a couple of our friends who came out, recorded a show right from the brewery. We covered the controversial topic of Kristin Beck and the CNN documentary film Lady Valor, which Brandon and Drago debated, as well as ISIS. We also got to some listener e-mails, always a highlight of the show.

We wrap up the show with an interview of Brad, an Army vet who is a die-hard fan and was in attendance, and we interview the owner of Battle Field Brew Works, Dan Kulick.

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