Marty Skovlund, author of Violence of Action: The Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment, joins us on Episode 116, which is hosted by Special Forces vet and SOFREP writer Blake Miles. Several other 75th Regiment Rangers and past guests of the show helped in writing the book including, Mat Best and Leo Jenkins.

When Marty last joined us, he was embarking on a nomadic veterans’ journey with Leo Jenkins in support of GallantFew. We get a recap from Marty on the experience, as well as future endeavors he plans on doing on behalf of the charity.

Marty tells us about his motivation in writing Violence of Action, and talks about some of the stories shared in this book. A lot of the topics covered are intriguing yet usually unspoken, such as one of the Rangers penning a detailed piece on his first time killing a man. Warfighters and civilians alike are giving Violence of Action rave reviews, so make sure that you pick it up, now available digitally and in hardcover.

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