In this episode, joining us for the first time on SOFREP radio is Gregory Wong. He’s accompanied by familiar faces and former Army Rangers Nick Irving and Marty Skovlund.

Greg, better known to some of you as Spartan117GW, is an Army veteran who has made a name for himself online in the Airsoft community with some really well-produced videos that can be viewed on his YouTube channel. His latest venture was a fan-made film for the newly released Jurassic World, which has gained the attention of some people involved in the movie. He tells us all about it.

Nick Irving gives us a little insight into the upcoming show “The Reaper,” set to air on NBC. The show is based on his best-selling autobiography of the same title. Marty gets into what he’s been working on with his company, Blackside Concepts. Marty, along with Leo Jenkins, recently won a Giff Founders’ Choice Award at the GI Film Festival for their documentary, “Nomadic Veterans“—directed by Matt Sanders.

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