SOFREP Editor-in-Chief Jack Murphy hosts the show this week, as we bring on a very special guest who’s been a long time coming: Gene Farnsworth. Gene talks about his 24 years in the Navy, serving during the Cold War, being stationed around the world in locations such as the Honduras, and what the Vietnam War era was like. He tells us what submarine living is all about, especially how different it is to wake up and go to sleep with no sunlight, as you’re deep at the floor of the ocean. Gene also gets into the topics of stolen valor, his deep respect for all veterans (whether pencil-pushers or door-kickers), and his personal shift in political ideology from his military background.

We also answer some of your emails sent to [email protected], which include the topics of Jade Helm and other special ops units from different countries.

From everyone here at, we hope you had a wonderful Independence Day, and we thank all of you veterans who have served, or any of you who are listening while on active duty. We know the podcast is something that many of you look forward to each week, and we appreciate that.