With the recent announcement of Brandon Webb’s first book, “The Red Circle” becoming a CBS TV series under the guidance of Mark Harmon, we decided to switch things up this week and play some audio from Brandon’s latest book, “Among Heroes.”

September 11th is approaching, and with that significant and tragic date, we decided to play a chapter of the book written in honor of a great man whose life was lost on that day. That date not only marks the anniversary of the attack on America in 2001, but also the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya just three years ago. The world lost Navy SEAL and contractor Glen Doherty, and Brandon Webb lost a best friend.

This section of the audio book is introduced by Brandon Webb and is followed up by some heartfelt words from Glen’s brother, Greg Doherty. We hope you enjoy the story and pick up the audio book of “Among Heroes” for the rest of this incredible content.