We experienced some deep emotions when reacting to the terrorist attacks in Paris that resulted in the killing and injuring of hundreds of innocent civilians just going out and trying to enjoy a Friday night. Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of “100 Deadly Skills,” comes on the show and gives some tips on how civilians should react when facing a situation like the one we saw in Paris. We talk about some prior knowledge of the attacks, and how SOFREP writer Jay headed out on the first plane to France to do some on the ground reporting for the site.

Clint’s latest book, along with some other amazing tactical gear, is part of the first-ever SOFREP Crate Club. We hope you check out what’s in it. We plan on having these available every few months for all of you out there who love your gear.

Once again, our condolences to all the victims of this attack by radical Islamists. We support the French people, and we will continue to work hard in giving you the best on-the-ground coverage possible as things progress.