IDF Sniper and award-winning Hollywood film writer Dan Gordon is back on the show with us to talk national security, women in combat, the presidential election, tell some war stories, and even give his take on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

For those who didn’t hear Dan back on Episode 156 (which we urge you to check out, because it was an epic show) you may not know his name, but you certainly know Dan’s work. He’s written some classic films like “The Hurricane” starring Denzel Washington, and “Passenger 57” starring Wesley Snipes. He’s currently in the process of releasing the sequel to “Day of the Dead: Book One – Gaza,” so be sure to pick that up and get yourself up to speed for when book two hits shelves.

We answer your emails sent to [email protected], and Brandon makes a big announcement that I got to be a part of. You don’t want to miss it! Big shout-out to our sponsors Kegerator and Harry’s for making this episode possible.