Frumentarius is back to host the show this week, and a legend in the SEAL community, Dick Couch, is our special guest. We start the show with our immediate reactions during the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the gay community of Port St. Lucie, Florida, at the Pulse nightclub.

Former SEAL and CIA case officer Dick Couch, a veteran of the Vietnam War, gets into his history with us, and talks about his latest book, “By Honor Bound: Two Navy SEALs, the Medal of Honor, and a Story of Extraordinary Courage.” The book is written with Tom Norris and Mike Thornton, and is highly recommended by Fru. Fru also talks about his father, another SEAL from that era, with Dick. We get Dick’s reaction to the terrorist attack on American soil as well. We will continue to cover that story on as more details emerge. Our condolences to all the families of the victims in this horrific attack.