We packed a lot into this hour on SOFREP Radio. Navy SEAL sniper instructor Eric Davis hosts; you guys know him as the author of “Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs Learned From Their Training and Taught to Their Sons,” as well as being a teammate to Brandon Webb on SEAL Team 3. Well, another Team 3 guy and favorite of the show joins us this episode, and that’s none other than Mike Ritland.

We’re also joined for the first time by Big Phil Campion, the author of “Born Fearless” and a former member of Britain’s Special Air Service. Phil gives us some background on British SOF, and talks about the Born Fearless Boxing event that will feature U.S. versus British SOF in the ring, taking place at York Hall in London. It’s all for the cause of helping veterans. We also answer your emails sent to [email protected]